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Status Updates

  • Joe
    • Last week:
    • This week:
      • In MV
      • Integrate a Cairo GL backend into our Cairo installation
      • Start with widget/etc changes required to support that GL backend.
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • stroke-to-path prototyping
        • path closing, path closing with dashing, investigated arc dashing. It's too hard for now
      • hq image scaling cleaning
    • This week:
      • stroke-to-path implementation
      • hq image scaling cleanup/landing
  • John
    • Last week:
      • Windows synthetic bolding, patch waiting on review bug 499621
      • family/fullname mismatch, patch waiting on review bug 496573
      • set up a patch to enable ClearType for downloadable fonts bug 504698
      • completed reviews of jkew's font unification patch
    • This week:
      • experiment more with ClearType rendering
      • compare text-shadow rendering across browsers
      • security issues
      • work on text system instrumentation bug 487756
  • Bobby - bug 435296 (decode-on-draw)
    • Last week:
      • Got progressive decoding and header-only decode working together
      • Bunch of bug fixes - browser finally usable
    • This week:
      • Big list of various issues to work through, including
        • discarding
        • optimizing the progressive decode heuristics per joe's suggestions (timeout-based)
        • borderimage (breaks larry - argggh)
        • memory leaks
        • various progressive jpeg weirdness (not sure if this is unique to decode-on-draw)
        • better handling of pngs (no more longjmp)
        • Lots of inline TODOs
      • Some other restructuring that should probably wait since we might be rushing this patch
      • Lots of coupling so this is just one big patch right now. Might be possible to split it up later.
  • Jim
    • Last week:
      • PC UI integration patches for browser/ext. mgr. (355555, 423587)
      • Win7 window docking patch (bug 489258)
    • This week:
      • Win. drag and drop activation bug (274205)
      • Win security policy and prefs work related to attachments (504804)
      • Popup rollup hooks investigation (504650)
  • Rob
    • Last week:
      • Fixed resize-on-minimize windows bug (bug 502713)
      • Fixed keyboard shortcuts on wince (bug 500745)
      • Revising patches for aero peek and widget cleanup
    • This week:
      • Aero Peek front end work
      • Remove MouseTrailer code from widget/src/windows (more initial checkin code)