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Should we do a separate Windows section in the development meeting, like OS X does? If so, who wants to lead that?

Status Updates

  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Checked in bug 753
      • Discussions with Damon about goals, reasons, etc behind OpenGL backend
      • Might be looped into a Fennec/Electrolysis project - still TBD
      • Some small work on OpenGL backend - less than expected for the trip, but the trip was very useful for the above reasons
    • This week:
      • Continue work on OpenGL backend, might get pulled off for Electrolysis/Fennec.
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • rough stroke-to-path implementation done
        • afaik it's feature complete except for handling degeneracies
    • This week:
      • more stroke-to-path work
        • I hope to get something reviewable by the end of the week.
      • jpeg sse dct review
      • event profiling (please fix Bug 502693)
      • more image scaling cleanup
  • John
    • Last week:
      • Landed bugs 499621 and 496573 on trunk, waiting for 1.9.1.x approval
      • Investigated reftest timeout problem bug 493976
      • Spent time analyzing webfont proposals
    • This week:
      • Finish work on patch to enable ClearType for downloadable fonts bug 504698
      • Testing Ascender EOT-Lite tools
      • Start work on unicode-range support bug 475891
      • Clear out review queue
  • Bobby - bug 435296 (decode-on-draw)
    • Last week:
      • timer-based progressive decoding and optimizations
      • got border-image (and larry!) working
      • error handling / robustness
      • hand-rolled PNG header decoder
      • lots and lots of other fixes (see the bug for details)
    • This week:
      • Canvas Issues
      • Test Failures
      • Flickering
      • multipart/x-mixed-replace
      • image cache fixes
      • figure out users/assumptions for methods like GetCurrentFrameIsOpaque et al
      • XBM!
  • Jim
    • Last Week:
      • Win. drag and drop activation bug (274205)
      • Jump List lower & upper level patch posted (473045)
      • A couple widget cleanup patches
      • Reviewed tab previews
      • posted 1.9.1 patch for top crasher (470487)
    • This Week
      • Win7 app registration bug (505925)
      • PC browser patch r-'ed, needs a new approach
      • Win security policy and prefs work related to attachments (504804)
  • Rob
    • Last week:
      • Posted the Aero Peek frontend for review
      • Found the cause of the last small polish bug for aero peek frontend
      • Tackled (the last?) known Aero Glass bugs
      • Filed bug on getting Windows 7 SDK installed on build machines
    • This week:
      • Update aero peek patch to work with the RC sdk
      • Check how it plays with the non-default taskbar configuration
      • Push on Build to get the SDK update rolled out
      • Figure out the right fix for the focus issues with restoring minimized windows via the previews.