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  • x217


  • Q2 (and Q3) goal setting
    • goal (ha): higher-level, small number of goals, that we can decide whether we hit them or not at the end of quarter
  • Suggested Q2 goals:
    • Improve Cairo, both in features and performance
    • Improve text rendering infrastructure (mainly features)
    • Prototype hardware acceleration on at least one platform
    • Integrate Canvas 3D (or its successor) into trunk
    • At least a few passes of code cleanup in key gfx areas (widget, old-gfx)

Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • Last week:
      • Canvas 3D fighting, GDC
    • This week:
      • Reviews that I owe people (Win7 WM_GESTURE stuff, others)
      • 1.9.1 wrapup (a few odd blocker bugs that need to either be fixed or dumped off the blocker list)
      • Continuing Canvas 3D fighting
  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Blogging, imglib roadmap, review for Jeff.
    • This week:
      • More blogging, imglib API work, other things.
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • qcms
    • This week:
      • land qcms on trunk
      • win32 rasterizer
  • John
    • Last week:
      • review/tested CoreText patch
      • synthetic rendering of downloadable fonts
      • tracked down unit test problem on 1.9.1
      • landed/relanded FT patch on 1.9.1
    • This week:
      • track down reftest harness bug on 1.9.1
      • 10.4 testing of CoreText patch
      • funnel downloadable font load errors to console
      • test out font fuzzer
  • Jim
    • Last week:
      • gestures
    • This week:
      • finish up gestures
      • more polish on tablet input (not targeted for 3.5)
      • back to parental controls