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  • x217


  • post-1.9.1 planning: really? nothing else? if so, that's ok!

Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • In europe this week; focusing mainly on mobile.
    • Ongoing Canvas 3D work
  • Jeff
    • last week
      • investigated tpRSS regression
      • new glyph cache was the cause
      • worked on designing new glyph cache
    • this week
      • hopefully figure out what to do about the glyph cache
      • color management
  • John
    • spec edits based on CSS WG discussions last week
    • windows src local() lookup fix
    • mac/windows unique font name
    • play around with paul's font fuzzer
  • Jim
    • Land remaining tab tear off cursor work left over from last week
    • Finish up gesture stuff with Rob?
    • Tab panel work
    • Parental controls work for content area (bug 355555)