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  • x217


Status Updates

  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Away most of the week due to unexpected PTO because of a death in the family.
      • Reviewed decode-on-draw. Over the weekend, helped Bobby get it landed and deal with the fallout. (Really, I observed Bobby getting it landed and dealing with the fallout.)
    • This week:
      • Fenntrolysis.
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • Sheriffing
      • Got caught up from three weeks of travel
      • Got a wince setup going and fixed a image corruption bug there
      • Spline stroking degeneracy work
      • Tried to land a cairo update, but ran into test problems
    • This week:
      • Land cairo update
      • Color management perf work
      • Hooking up image scaling to Firefox
  • John
    • Last week:
      • more edits of WOFF spec
      • work on ATypI presentation
      • review of WOFF patch bug 507970
    • This week:
      • Finish review of WOFF patch
      • WOFF format tests
      • unicode-range support
  • Bobby
    • Last week:
    • This week:
  • Jim
  • Mark
    • Last week:
      • added webgl array constructors to replace the create*Array calls
      • filed bug 516213 with patch to match spec
    • This week:
      • kill the remaining spec divergence
      • look at perf