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  • (no need to discuss, just FYI)
    • Seeing unexpected noise in webgl results, (weekend variation?)
    • 300k crashes/day; 4k using WebGL
  • WebGL conformance (bjacob, dsherk)
    • Test suite update finally landed last week
    • dRdR has fixed 5-ish bugs
    • Remainder of the bugs discovered by the new test suite are being sorted out quickly
    • Test suite seems to be of much higher quality: fewer intermittent oranges, better testing
  • WebGL antialiasing (jgilbert)
    • Running into 2 crashers, one with ANGLE, one with WGL
    • bjacob recommends we land preffed off
  • SoftwareRasterizer (for mobile) (Bas, mwoodrow)
    • Quick and dirty software rasterizer (faster but lower quality than pixman)
    • mattwoodrow notices that there seems to be a lot of things that are blocked on content drawing speed
    • Layout doesn't use layers optimally right now
    • Curve flattening, data structures, etc can potentially be re-used for Emerald
    • jrmuizel suggests we try Skia first, since it's fast
  • D3D9 regression (BenWa)
    • Reproduced the regression intermittently by using the Talos tp4.manifest file. Not sure what the best way to proceed.
  • GL Layers on Android (ajuma, benwa)
    • Working on getting talos numbers for turning on the feature. No change seen when landing this on however the feature was correctly turned on.
    • Working on a user space profiler. So far we seem to be getting accurate numbers. Ehsan is adding a GUI and further instrumentation is required.
    • Black flash on orientation change and resume. Should also fix crashes. Let us know if you're seeing crashes.
  • heeen's update for GL layers on mobile
    • Working on scrolling
      • Awesomebar, history much faster
      • Performance problem with scrollbox with the batch size attribute
      • Glitches with the URL bar. Layer conflict problem?
      • Out-of-place URL bar on Maemo, similar to problem we had with Android.
  • Testday last Friday, August 26 (joe)
  • Synthetic Bold Ownership (jpr)
    • bug 674909 - there's a question about how we're using Cairo
    • Bas to make helpful comments on the bug and ask if John's blocked on anything
  • Demos and Talks (jpr)
    • Tell JP if you have ideas for demos or lightning talks