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  • WebGL security (bjacob)
    • bug 656277: we're going to restrict WebGL textures to same-origin
    • We then want to relax this with CORS. Requires ImageLib changes.
  • Text Rendering with DirectWrite (joe and a cast of thousands)
    • Overview
      • General concern that text rendering via DirectWrite is causing users not to upgrade, to leave FF or PR churn
      • Fonts with the largest issues are
        • Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Georgia
        • Font updates that were supposed to help not yet released by MS
          • Supposed to be out in April
      • We need both an interim solution and a longer term plan
    • Testing
        • Needs to include non-Latin-1 text as well
      • about:config settings
        • gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled = true
        • gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.*
          • rendering_mode -> -1/2
            • DW default vs GDI
          • enhanced_contrast -> -1/200
      • cleartype params in about:support
        • won't show up until you tune clear type in the control panel
    • Proposed interim solutions
      • GDI_CLASSIC flag for direct write
        • rendering_mode = 2
        • Affect about 34% of Windows 7 FF4 users
          • About 10% of user base (less because we still have a lot of 3.6 users, but they are migrating fast)
        • Possibly only for key fonts at certain sizes
      • Increase contrast
        • enhanced_contrast = 200
    • Proposed long term solutions
      • Test pilot study for feedback
      • More complete QA review on top websites
  • Intern projects (joe)
    • We're looking for self-contained project proposals for interns to work on in September/January.
    • If you have ideas, please contact joe!
  • bug 657141
    • 2x fps difference in for example speedreading
    • Backout or fix?
  • Onboarding (Benwa)
    • bug 598425: Will be reading windows async code and investigating how to integrate the design on OS X.
  • Cairo update
    • we are leaking a shared memory buffer the size of the window with D2D