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  • Responsiveness (jpr)
    • Meeting last week regarding responsiveness, and how electrolysis fits in
    • There were several things highlighted as the single-process pain points
    • Conclusion: We no longer want to do electrolysis soon
    • The net to us: We aren't going to proceed with our electrolysis goals
    • There's (going to be) a talos test regarding it: bug 631571
    • We're not sure how much jank is due to graphics. Imagelib has the ability, certainly, but other than that we don't know how much we can contribute.
    • Next week, at the graphics/layout work week, we'll discuss more. It's hard to reason about a lot of things without several other people, like roc.
  • Mobile (jpr)
    • pcwalton's patch queue is going to land in birch soon
    • performant panning and zooming with the native UI
    • thumbnail sketch: starting to pan or zoom, will take a texture of the current page, transform that texture, and then either synchronously or asynchronously redraw the page once we're done the operation
    • bug native_droid_panning
  • Skia (mattwoodrow)
    • content rendering somewhat works
    • close
  • Thebes wrapper/Interop (bas)
    • Direct2D fails 77/8000 tests, many in SVG.
    • Getting closer
  • BugKill (jpr)
    • We punted on last friday's bugkill
    • jpr would like us to get through the remaining bugs before the end of the year
    • Probably means that we'll spend every Friday BugKilling
    • Martin Best, a project manager, has been doing Bugzilla "anthropology", trying to find out how we're using Bugzilla and how well-owned bug lists are.
      • He'll be blogging about it in the near future.
    • Lucas Adamski wants us to have better criteria for quality measurements
    • After all that, we'll want to have regular triage owners, so our new bugs don't languish