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  • Q4 goals (joe/jpr)
    • Blizzard is quite concerned about:
      • Cross-process accelerated layers
        • (For next week) Bas to scope D3D10/D2D work: how much is there to do?
        • Benoit Girard to own D3D9 work.
        • Ali to own OS X OpenGL work.
        • Matt to own Linux OpenGL work.
      • Texture sharing for WebGL
        • (For next week) Benoit Jacob and Jeff Gilbert to talk to mobile folk for the future plan for WebGL.
    • (For next week) Jeff Muizelaar needs to figure out his commitments for telemetry during Q4
  • jgilbert's GLContext / Multisampling changes (jgilbert)
    • See email to dev-platform
    • Want to land WebGL AA very soon, so if you disagree with something, say it now
    • Need the ability to blacklist multisampling via the blocklisting service - doug to own
  • Whitelist OpenGL on mobile for some devices (benwa)
    • Most of the remaining bugs have had fixes landed very recently
    • Ali is looking in to the performance issues we're seeing—which are mostly on tablets
    • We'd also be whitelisting on our Tegra test boards, so Benoit Girard will be getting an extra test suite added for unaccelerated testing
    • bug 695010
  • Unaccelerated reftest suites
    • Need to make Ru green and unhidden on central globally
    • Need to have unaccelerated reftest suites added for OS X and possibly XP
    • (For next week) Jeff to talk to Armen
    • See also: bug 610493, bug 676746