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New Mobile plans

  • Going to write the front end in java
  • Loose e10s, only one process. Java runs in one thread, gecko in the other. No IPC. Basic XUL windows that proxies event with gecko. Integration with the system bookmarks.
  • Competitive advantage? Improving performance to increase user rentention.
  • Wait until native UI patch land before we decide if we want to enable OGL.
  • Build avaiable on the Birch branch.
  • pcwalton's change render the page to a texture. This will not work so well for scrolling pages with multiple layers. What will position fixed look like?
    • Zooming is bad because we reflow the page every increment. Instead we can simply scale a texture during zooming.
  • Idea for improvements:
    • Off main thread composition
    • Skia rasterizer

Azure-Thebes Wrapper

  • It works, with some bugs, and no awesome perf.
  • Pref '' on gfx branch