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  • GFX engagement steward? (joe)
    • bjacob volunteers
    • More information: and
    • BenWa talks about marking bugs as good first bugs and having a mentor. Mark your bugs as [] in the status whiteboard, and make sure there's a good description. Include a list of files that will likely be affected.
  • Bugsmash day/week/month? (joe)
    • We have lots of bugs, and no idea how many of them are real. 2964 bugs:
    • We can fix this!
      • jpr's experience is that a developer can get 25-30 bugs dealt with a day. That's 100 person-days
    • And then we can keep it that way!
      • "Graphics Sheriff" idea - rotating duty to make sure new bugs are correctly marked, assigned as necessary, etc.
      • Potential for multiple components, with one person assigned to a component to ensure that all "300-ish" bugs are real.
  • Graphics & Layout work week (joe)
    • New Zealand - Auckland work week for mid-November
    • Need a head count; Joe's going to get that ball rolling.
  • GL Layers on Mobile (ajuma, benwa)
    • Fix to the last major visual glitch has landed, so now it's just bugfixing
    • Reftests were designed to run in a resolution of 800x1000, but when we want to debug on a Nexus S (which has a resolution of 480x800) several reftests fail for lack of rendered output.
    • BenWa has been working on creating a resolution attribute for reftests to let us skip certain reftests on smaller devices.
  • Testing on Mali GPU (cjones)
    • Galaxy S II's GPU
    • Needs testing, fixes
    • We need a device in Toronto - will get. Have to be careful because there's one SII with the Mali, and one with the Tegra, and we want to avoid the latter.
  • Mobile-specific optimizations
    • Screen on the Galaxy S II is natively 24-bit, not 16-bit, and the Mali's driver apparently doesn't support 16-bit surfaces very well.
    • Need to investigate the optimizations we've put in, and make sure we've made the quality/performance tradeoff in the right place.