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  • What should Matt be working on next? (mattwoodrow)
    • Skia backend
    • Mobile bugs that become prioritized
  • Mobile bugs (jpr through joe)
    • mobile crashers
      • The two GFX crashers have been speculatively assigned
    • mobile perf
      • We need to know what's actually slow here; profiling is necessary!
      • Matt to do "some profiling"
        • Tp? Top100?
  • GL Layers on Android (benwa/ajuma)
    • Working on getting reftest enabled. A lot of the GL Layers bug we are seeing are turning out to be regressions. Tegra board is working but reftest fail on startup. Gdb isn't useful here.
  • WebGL
    • AA update (jgilbert)
    • Planning to implement OES_standard_derivatives extension: bug 684853
  • Bas wonders about a brainstorming session on AA with 2D hardware acceleration
    • We think he should run it.
  • Graphics/WebGL discussion with Apple and Google (bjacob)
    • We should think of things to talk about.