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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • Q2 Goals
    • Goals updated, locked down.
  • bug 737176 Post-mortem on bug 711656 / bug 715401
    • We agree on what has to be done, so we should do it ASAP.
  • tracking-firefox12 bugs:
    • We looked over them and made sure people knew they were assigned to them.
  • GFX/Layout work week in Toronto July 16th-20th, 2012.
    • Don't book travel yet - still waiting for approval.
    • In case it's possible, think of any volunteers you would want to attend this work week.
  • Peers for the gfx module. Motivation: misunderstanding on bug 737239
    • Jeff and Joe updated this earlier in the day to reflect reality.
    • If you're a peer, feel free to request review from anyone you feel is competent.
    • If you aren't competent to review a patch, say so.
  • status of 'Contribute' effort. Part of Q2 goals? Here is the status of our Q1 mentees:
    • Marco Castelluccio
      • has already 30 patches in, oldest from Jul 20, 2011
      • bug 699258, skia on windows
      • bug 702158, skia on linux
    • Andrew Quartey (drexler)
      • has already 15 patches in, oldest from Nov 20, 2011
      • bug 710594, webgl memory reporters improvements
      • bug 731836, webgl llvmpipe work (ongoing)
    • Thomas Prip Vestergaard (prip)
      • has already 8 patches in, oldest from Dec 7, 2011
      • bug 710992: bad memset in pixman
    • Matias Juntunen (dwarfcrank)
      • has already 7 patches in, oldest from Mar 21, 2012
      • bug 738867, webgl uint index extension
      • bug 743475, security bug
    • Florian Boesch (__doc__, pyalot)
      • bug 728354, webgl anisotropic filtering extension
      • contributes more at the level of public_webgl list
    • Hugh Nougher
    • Stephen Perry
  • Heads up: enclose all your driver workarounds in if(gl->WorkAroundDriverBugs())