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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • Backfilling OMTC work
    • Turning LayerManagerOGL into a Compositor
    • ajuma + nrc lately
    • Working well for OpenGL
    • Cross-platform texture representation being worked on by nrc
    • nrc to take up point from ajuma, with Bas to support as necessary
    • Bug 716859 has some work on a general approach to shared textures (SharedSurfaces)
      • Probably a little too different to use directly, but maybe useful to look at?
      • Will be talked about below.
  • Azure project update (nrc, kentuckyfriedtakahe)
    • Azure-Cairo canvas work - possibly done? Turned on everywhere except Linux and B2G (Android, non-D2D Windows; Mac uses Quartz canvas via Azure).
    • Linux Azure canvas has perf issues - Anthony has fixed one issue that hasn't landed yet (memory leak)
    • Shadow blurring is even slower on Azure; 2X faster on Thebes. Seems to be spending time shifting between X and main memory.
    • Blur code may also be leaking Cairo surfaces.
    • Content seems to be OK, but the priority has been canvas.
    • Hopefully be ready by the next uplift, at which point we'll be able to remove Thebes canvas.
  • SIGGRAPH recap? - deferred to next week
  • SharedSurface for accelerated WebGL production/publishing to layers. (esp. OMTC/OMPC) (jgilbert)
    • bug 716859
    • SharedSurfaces for backing-surface-inspecific WebGL rendering pass through to layers compositing.
  • layout/gfx work week