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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • OMTC update (ajuma, nrc, Bas)
    • Layer types are rendering through compositor API
    • Texturing still needs to go through TextureHost/TextureClient though
    • Once texturing is done we need to:
      • Merge m-c to graphics and fix bitrot, use of Compositor API
      • Mask layers need to be implemented in terms of effects on the Compositor
      • Then we can start using the Compositor API on non-OpenGL backends, and porting OpenGL to Android and Linux (and Windows)
      • Basic, D3D9, D3D10
        • Bas: Basic should not be a priority because it won't be a big win
        • Possible to expand accelerated composition to more computers too
        • Question for market insight: What kind of GPU do the "average" computer in emerging markets use?
  • Azure project update (nrc, kentuckyfriedtakahe)
    • Azure-Cairo canvas is now turned on everywhere but Linux
    • Perf of Azure-Cairo is being worked on, hopefully ready by next week
      • Currently performance are what's holding it back being turned on by default on Linux
      • We suspect that mostly we're going to have very low overhead, so we might be able to turn on Azure-Cairo for content very soon, at which point we can start removing Thebes code
  • Multi-resolution tiles (BenWa) bug 771219 - Tile based progressive painting
    • Progress:
    • Can be interrupted at tile granularity
    • Can paint at low/current or both resolution at once and could be controlled by a heuristic
    • Has a stub for doing adding tile drawing priority but we need code to check the screen intersections.
    • Low res buffer isn't at a fix resolution yet.
  • SIGGRAPH recap (BenWa, gw280, Bas)
    • BenWa:
      • ES 3.0
        • Texture max has to be at least 2048^2!
        • PBOs!
        • ~Texture compression
        • Discard framebuffer
        • Debug capabilities to receive debugging messages during application development
        • Shader binary (startup perf)
      • The PowerVR Insider SDK
      • Qualcomm
        • Do FBO work first in ONE step because rebind it causes expensive flushes on some GPUs.
        • Use minimum shader precision acceptable. Typecast to lower precision when you don't need it.
      • Web3D
        • Pushed back towards keeping that in the client.
        • They need support for custom CSS properties and perhaps ways to extend devtools.
        • Relaxing security for shaders that are safe (no dependent texture read)
  • shumway work week (joe)
  • layout/gfx work week (joe)
  • Bas work week (toronto)
    • September 15-21
    • He has already booked travel