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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • High-DPI Mac GFx Bugs (bug 780362 / bug 780361 / others?)
    • doubling the size of a canvas automatically?
    • Need to decide what to do; actually doing it is not that difficult
    • bjacob to own making the decision
  • OMTC update (nrc, Bas)
    • work continues, but no explicit update
  • Azure project update (nrc, kentuckyfriedtakahe)
    • Linux performance patches (Cairo backend) almost got checked in, but got backed out
  • shumway work week (joe)
    • september 24-28, San Francisco
    • implement blend modes, compositing modes, perf work for fps, canvas optimizations
    • hardcore hack week
    • Two goals: make h.264 HW accelerated decoding work, and have one major Flash game work
    • Expect to run into gfx perf bottlenecks, so it'll be nice to have someone knowledgeable about canvas, etc there
  • layout/gfx work week (joe)
  • Bas work week (toronto)
    • September 15-21
    • He has already booked travel
  • skia rebase should land this week
    • includes runtime NEON detection!