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  • thread (dougt/jpr)
    • interruptible upload
      • + Easy to implement
      • - Will cause more checkerboarding
    • SurfaceTexture async upload (snorp)
      • snorp is working on flash again
    • gralloc async upload
      • Unclear what this means
    • async p-layers update
      • + Should provide a big performance improvement, is really wanted long term everywhere.
      • - Complex
      • Should we start it now?
        • We don't have enough resources. We need to investigate test failures and performance problems first.
      • Checkpoint next Monday.
    • Jank vs Checkerboarding? (joe)
      • Numbers from Kats:
      • If it's ok to drop below 60 fps, we could checkerboard less.
      • Determined: We will probably need to do incremental upload
    • other things
      • skia profiling -> george to provide info
        • Gradients are about 30% faster than Cairo.
        • Blitting is about the same as Cairo.
        • Line drawing is about 50% slower than Cairo/Pixman.
        • Can we move the Skia gradient code into pixman? Chris Jones has mentioned it.
          • Jeff says that it's hard. People have tried in the past, and failed.