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  • Fennec status update (joe, jrmuizel)
    • Checkerboardiness
      • Getting better.
      • We have a better breakdown of where we're spending our time, and fixing them as we're going along.
      • Drawing frames seems to have a very high (~10ms) fixed cost; not a big difference between complex and simple pages.
      • JSON string building (JS->Java) isn't helping
      • Dalvik JSON is known to be very very slow.
      • kats has filed a bug, & blassey attached a patch, to kill JSON use when updating the viewport on mobile bug 727352
      • There are still unknown issues. We expect lots of multi-millisecond costs.
      • From the beginning of OnDraw until the time we actually start drawing layers can be high (~12 ms)
      • Kats' patches seem to have stopped the multi-second checkerboarding, though.
      • jrmuizel has not found any urgent invalidation issues
      • Cwiiis has been looking at buffer rotation
    • Correctness
      • joe, gw280, ajuma have been fixing bugs
      • jrmuizel knows of a bug in which things stop drawing: you scroll, get checkerboarding, and then it never draws
      • BenWa notes that the Adreno has a limited number of GL contexts available; possible minefield ahead.
    • mozilla-central merge
      • multi-second checkerboarding was our biggest problem
      • what do we need to land? how long will it take?
      • head-to-head comparison with nightly
      • won't block on flash on ICS
      • upload costs seem to be causing lots of jank, that pcwalton is working on (EGLImage)
  • bug 711656, the blacklisting bug (Doug working on it)
    • Lots of crashes on drivers that are explicitly blacklisted
      • It's possible but unlikely that they are force-enabling acceleration.
    • They are mostly on a particular integrated Intel graphics card.
    • Doug's going to make a patch to reimplement blacklisting again because we think the current version doesn't work
  • bug 717658, #4 mobile topcrasher at some point, the weird layout bug that feeds us with stupid huge sizes.
    • OOM crash
    • absurdly large, like 50kx50k
  • WebGL conformance update (bjacob, jgilbert)
    • Ms2ger has a complete patchset for ImageData, pending review
    • ANGLE identifier mapping patchset complete, pending review
    • need status update on: alpha premultiplication (jgilbert, jrmuizel)
      • bug 730157 blocks WebGL alpha-premult, jgilbert to put a week into it
    • bjacob now working on: getExtension object persistence
  • Tracking 11 Update