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  • OMTC (BenWa, ajuma)
    • Standing up!
      • Compositing off the main thread with GL layers.
      • Start with java compositor, switch once Gecko is up and running.
      • Still doing synchronous layer transactions
      • Asynchronous pan and zoom with the same performance as the Java compositor
      • No display ports are up yet, so no buffering outside the visible rect
      • Preliminary numbers on drawing performance aren't great, but a lot better than with the Java compositor
        • 60ms paints on vs 300 ms with Java compositor
    • We have it behind a pref and/or can very easily have it behind a pref already
    • Still issues on the Adreno
      • avoid TexSubImage, use rectangular textures
      • Using smaller textures makes some issues go away, but we think using rectangular textures is the "real" fix.
    • Tracking down performance.
      • Playing with compositing parameters, etc.
      • Checkerboard telemetry is on central and aurora, but not beta
    • Position: fixed is still not supported; no change vs Java compositor
  • Skia (gw280)
    • George is working on Linux desktop for now, and will move on to Android after that.