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  • OMTC, Java compositor
    • benwa has the java compositor thread being created and initializing, but needs to make some changes to hook it in to off-main-thread usage
    • benwa had a discussion with pcwalton about having a temporary java compositor (which renders chrome and a screenshot of the previous page) while the regular compositor (which is maintained inside gecko) is being initialized. There'll then be a transition from the Java compositor and the Gecko compositor, but it has to be transparent to the user.
    • jpr: Will the Java compositor always be around?
      • pcwalton: yes. We need to draw scrollbars, etc in Java, but it won't be driving GL. It will be small & probably won't use GL.
    • jpr: What about unaccelerated devices?
      • pcwalton: We should always have acceleration. Any device that doesn't support GL layers is a bug.
      • benwa: gw280 worries about using NPOT textures. Specifically from a performance standpoint. We need to benchmark to find out what the cost is (there is definitely a perf hit on IMG hardware; can't speak for Adreno)
      • bjacob: Many devices definitely don't support NPOT pbuffers, including Maguru. jgilbert and he are working on removing usage of pbuffers on EGL, in favour of using FBOs.
    • BenWa thinks he'll have at least some part of OMTC working on-device by the end of the week, if he doesn't hit any bugs.
    • ajuma has started looking at asynchronous scrolling on the new compositor vs the Java compositor. There's quite some work to be done to implement it in the IPDL PLayers.
    • dougt: How should we characterize winning from this?
      • ajuma: We should have perceived performance wins.
      • pcwalton: We should have improvements in checkerboarding because Layers is smarter. We need to be careful to be sure we don't regress panning/zooming perf when a finger is down. Java path for adjusting scroll and zoom is very simple; Layers is less simple.
      • benwa: WebGL should be better too.
    • dougt: Timeline?
      • jrmuizel/joe/benwa: post-12. We don't want to uplift this; too great a risk of regression. Threads are right in the name.
  • 280.13 Driver Bugs
    • bjacob: XRender, probably. We would not have these problems if we used pixman or skia.
    • We're not sure whether this is blocking the new test slaves.
    • joe to talk to bhearsum to find out how urgent these are.
  • B2G/Mobile (jpr)
    • joe to coordinate b2g/gfx work
    • bjacob can not debug. mwu says you can just flash the phone, which is in direct contradiction to what cjones told us.
    • Issues on maguru seem largely explained by lack of support for NPOT PBuffers.
    • We're switching from PBuffers to FBOs altogether on EGL, which also means Windows/ANGLE. Raise your hand if you disagree. bug 720467
  • Profiler on Mac (benwa)
  • getImage/putImage with Azure bug 720428 (jrmuizel)
    • bas and jrmuizel discussed