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  • Skia
    • Google's Skia team will be present for the first part of the call
    • Main objective is to get to know each other and present any immediate questions we have
    • Chromium uses its own version of SkFontHost on Linux - why?
      • fontconfig, maybe?
      • They didn't know to merge it back in.
    • Wrapping an SkFontFace around a FT_Face
      • that is exactly what they do in the Linux backend
    • They have a #define to remove static initializers/constructors
  • Hardware Accelerated Performance in Powersave
    • bug 721273
    • Bas can reproduce
    • IE9 is way faster than us
      • Re-uploading images can be part of the problem
      • We don't retain gradients
      • Textures for text
      • D2D 1.1 can help a lot too
    • To do: PIX run with draw timing
  • Accelerating
    • Everyone should work harder.
  • Still have to find time to cleanup other stuff
    • 280.13 Driver Bugs
      • Only needed to update Linux NVIDIA driver, not a prerequisite for new machines.