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  • Q4 Goal review (jpr)
  • 2012 Goals (jpr)
  • Skia summit (gw280)
    • Mike Reed in North Carolina USA; he is the main developer for Skia, and works for Google
    • gw280 to figure out the goals for such a week, and we will then figure out who should go
  • People to go to Layout/DOM work week? (joe)
  • Display-list based invalidation (joe)
    • mattwoodrow/roc to work on.
  • bug 712630 - Perma-oranges for accelerated reftests - Windows 7 (joe)
    • With Macs mini, our custom dongles are required for the OS to let us use our required resolution. Once we added them to a test machine, we got permanent test failures, which means we've been broken all this while with hardware acceleration.
    • We need someone to look at these failures and either fix them or mark them as explicitly ignored.
    • Bas to own.
  • Adreno stuff is getting somewhere; backtraces and a crash can be reliably reproduced on nexus one (gw280)
  • NVIDIA OpenGL/ Windows crashes. blacklist? (bjacob)
    • Probably blacklist, though we're going to have to figure out how we're falling back to WGL at all.