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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • Shumway work week GFX representation? (joe)
    • is there value in us being there?
    • Jet would like someone who's knowledgeable about rasterizers and OMTC
    • Looks like it will be week of 24th September
    • We're interested, but we need to see the agenda
  • OMTC/layers refactor update (Bas/ajuma)
    • Initially, we wanted to refactor all of Layers to make OMTC much easier to implement on new platforms
    • Churn and hackiness in layers makes refactoring more difficult
    • We suspect that the code is not currently stable enough for bas and ajuma to be able to refactor
    • Instead, we're going to consolidate the OMTC implementations into one implementation by convering LayerManagerOGL (the best OMTC implementation) into CompositorAccelerated (or some such)
    • This doesn't help us with the BasicLayers side, but we will deal with that later
    • Do we want this new layer to support non-OMTC?
      • Long-term, we don't really care about non-OMTC, but short-term, we need to be able to pref it off
      • hg cp is probably the best way, short term
    • To turn it on, on Mac, we need to do some work, eg for plugins, because right now it's a performance regression (readbacks)
      • Fixing these things on Mac first will make the situation better on mobile
  • Update about coding community involvement plans (bjacob)
    • BenWa, bjacob and nical met to figure out what the next steps are for involving new contributors
    • Mentored bugs work great to on-ramp new people, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get people from advanced mentored bugs to core contributor
    • Make something better than just a bunch of disparate mentored bugs: some form of project that lets people work towards and own something
    • Mozilla graphics blog, a way to tell people what's going on in the graphics team, give credit to people, guest blogs, etc.
      • Two purposes: Keep community involved, and give some kind of recognition.
    • Possible MozCampEU gfx involvement:
  • Accelerated Canvas on Mac (CGIOSurfaceContext) progress bug 724666 (BenWa)
    • Looking to land pref-off today/tomorrow
    • A few minor test cases need to be investigated before turning it on
    • FishIE speed up about 10 times, perf is expected to be very similar to Safari but outperformed by Skia GL (in Chromium) in VERY limited testing
    • 10.7 and 10.8. Safari uses CGIOSurfaceContext for content only on 10.8 though, so we might want to do the same.
    • Accelerated Quartz content - still work to be done
  • Update about Cairo Azure backend (kentuckyfriedtakahe)
    • Canvas landed last week
    • Content progressing ok, but had some problems with XRender, which may have been worked through though more testing is necessary
    • 2-4 weeks of work left for content
  • Working on invalidation test case during scrolling to help with DLBI regression and prevent regressions (BenWa)
    • poor mattwoodrow :(
  • Quick Skia update (gw280)
    • upstreaming our patches to lessen the pain (mostly done, bar two patches)
    • working on a SkFontHost using cairo fonts
  • Chrome imported qcms!