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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • bjacob to figure out whether we're going to move this meeting to Tuesday or another day
  • Azure update (Bas)
    • On by default on central for d2d
    • Two serious (?) bugs - fonts disappearing, already has a patch; another that can't be reproduced easily.
    • Not hearing things, but not hearing things is good, since it should be invisible.
    • Code migration - Azure-specific
      • Joe to create wiki page on code conversion low-hanging fruit
      • Obvious one: Gradients, since that can be a huge performance win
      • gfxDrawable - every image uses it
  • Skia update (gw280)
    • Rebase landed last week, several thousand csets
    • Working through perf issues, trying to achieve parity with Cairo - much seems related to 16-bit support; Google uses 32-bit everywhere, so 16-bit bugs creep in
      • Android has better texture upload paths (SurfaceTexture and gralloc), so 32-bit isn't as big a hit
      • They saw colour banding issues with 16-bit too, so they just moved to 32-bit
      • Tcheckerboard 32-bit is 1/3 the time of 16-bit Tcheckerboard. (10000 -> 3500, Cairo ~1500; lower better)
    • Doesn't currently work on desktop.
  • B2G scrub update (joe)
    • bug b2g-layers-work dependencies, plus bug 683243 - dithered gradients, bug 759506 - optimized libstagefright.
    • Question: does Gaia use WebGL or CSS animations?
    • Question: Does the Gecko profiler work on B2G? It should be made to.
      • BenWa filed bug 758697 and talked about it to cjones and gal.
        • Bug 758697 - 1 to 2 days of work (pessimistic)
    • Dithering - we'll need to do some work to get pixman to dither gradients.
  • Post-Fennec 1.0 plan (ajuma/BenWa)
    • bug 749062
    • Lots of stuff that we're already doing for B2G too.
    • Need more non-NEON optimization as we'll be supporting tablets.
    • Current known blockers for fennec-tablet: Tablet UI, Flash on Honeycomb, and testing (QA).