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  • Platform/2012-Q1-Goals#GFX
  • Platform/2012-Q2-Goals#GFX
    • Gaming, Mobile (including B2G) the most relevant organizational foci for us
  • post mortem on bug 711656 (the bug that nearly prevented Firefox 11 from shipping on time)
  • bug 696569 for non-premult-alpha support up for review
  • Mobile status:
    • BenWa is working on making us checkerboard less, i.e., paint faster
      • Make ThebesBuffer tiled, rather than simply uploading to tiled textures
      • Bug TBD
    • ajuma looking at crashes and redoing how we pause and restart the compositor
    • Jr. Muizel has been profiling, and figuring out how long we take to upload textures and rotate buffers
    • Joe is being pulled in two directions now, by B2G and by Fennec
      • Working on ImageLayers not painting on the Nexus S
      • PDF Printing