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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • Mask layers and TiledThebesBufer/TiledTextureImage: (BenWa)
    • bug 753784 Mask layers are applied incorrectly in native android fennec
    • Problem description:
    • No way to disable this; it's now fundamentally required to have rounded clipping/masking.
    • It should be possible to fall back to software masking, but we haven't been successful yet.
    • Difficult (but not impossible) to back out now, because things have been built on top of it.
    • Nick to stage a potential backout or semi-backout/disablement of mask layers.
    • Nick to work on coming up with a real fix.
  • Layout/Graphics work week (joe)
  • GPU Acceleration on Slow Machines (jprmc,Bas)
    • CPU is making us slow in these cases
      • Setting up textures for complex clips, gradients, etc
      • Borders and backgrounds
      • Complex clips can be fixed by caching D2D1 layer objects
      • Gradients can be fixed by caching mozilla::gfx::StopCollection s in layout, but we need Azure to get that.
      • Enable Azure-Thebes first.
      • Bas hopes to turn on Azure-Thebes on mozilla-central this week.