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GFX Priorities Minutes

This meeting was scheduled to discuss priorities for the graphics team.

Note: Only had representation from perf (Taras). GFX team has a good idea of what to do next on mobile. Need to follow up with Andreas Gal/Chris Jones for B2G.


  • plugins drawing completely off main thread
    • plugins post frames directly to compositor
    • path for core animations misses all optimizations as it's basic, mostly an OSX issue
    • can add intermediate step but would prefer to do it right from the start
  • can work on stabilizing OSX and Linux while starting Windows work
  • refactoring layers would push out OMTC weeks to months but give us better code
    • composition and validation should be broken up
    • this work will make Firefox faster when done
  • [action] Joe will draw up omtc roadmap with milestones, should be ready next week
  • Can we get OMT throbber and CSS animations by the end of the year?
    • maybe on central by then but qualified to a specific backend
  • will be cheaper to work on one platform at a time
    • expecting portability concerns for individual features across backends in order to keep all of the fast paths
  • don't know how long the layout side of css animations will take
  • BenWa has seen talk about async canvas, not a viable option
  • BenWa suggests getting better profiling data on janks to get short term solutions
  • Bas has a plan to fix some of this
  • borders in chrome, why no use images?
    • borders also used heavily in sites like google so fixing in chrome doesn't really fix the problem, front-end team also resistant
  • Bas can turn on azure in two weeks for direct2d
    • still don't retain gradients