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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases:

Gfx bugs

Including Image, Canvas 2D, and WebGL.


  • New Rendering meeting!
    • Where to move the wiki pages?
      • Resolved: Nowhere.
    • How to update above bugzilla queries?
      • Component leads to add their own queries, leaving the current ones alone.
  • Q4 Goals Update (jet)
    • Doesn't make a lot of sense to go over Q4 goals given that a) we can't really modify them at this point, since we're so far into the quarter, and b) B2G bugs trump our goals.
    • We're going to be looking at re-doing our entire goals process (re-evaluating quarterliness, etc); for now, let's just leave Q4 alone.
  • JPEG-XR (jet)
    • Flash player supports JPEG XR; was used for a texture format, true losslessness, alpha channel.
    • Licensing Issues? ISO standard.
    • No widely-used, good encoder.
    • WebGL can make do with JPEG + PNG for alpha
      • Caveat here is that data will have to be recombined by JS code, whereas JPEG XR would immediately give us the RGBA data we want.
      • Other >8-bit-per-channel fixed and floating-point formats are also potentially interesting for games, which are currently only supported via uncompressed transmission formats.
    • JPEG XR supports HDR, but we don't support HDR at all.
    • Core usecase is sprite sheets.
    • Decoders aren't fuzzed yet
  • Shumway Media Support
    • No update
  • CSS Overflow
    • Adobe came up with CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions, which they've been pushing very hard.
    • For "magazine-style" layouts, ebooks, etc.
    • Concerns whether the use cases were as important as other things we could address
    • Too complicated?
    • CSS3 Overflow draft has an alternative to CSS Regions that we're considering supporting.
    • Implementing it can be pretty low-level, "expensive" at many levels.
    • All positioning and breaking and styling; no rendering impact