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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • OMTC refactor update (nrc, Bas)
    • Basic work is done, but there's still a lot of code in platform-specific parts that could be used cross-platform.
    • Need some cross-platform representation of textures:
      • Get a pointer we can write into, and
      • Give a pointer that we want written to video memory, and
      • Get an efficient gfxContext or DrawTarget backed by video memory, and
      • Specify a GLContext for WebGL.
    • Once texture work is done, can move code into TextureHosts.
    • Naming needs work, but there are only two hard problems in computer science.
    • Still need to rebase.
    • Then, general cleanup, during which we can get into D3D10 implementation.
    • Likely >2 weeks away from being able to start general cleanup (and hence D3D10 implementation).
    • 4-6 weeks to usability/testing on Metro.
  • Canvas test disabling (bjacob)
    • We accidentally ran for 3 weeks with content/canvas tests disabled. (Oops).
    • Tests were re-enabled on Friday, but a couple of regressions slipped in so some subtests have been disabled.
    • bug 795135
  • Next week: Goals!