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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases, in decreasing order of urgency:


  • Q4 goals
    • [ON TRACK] Prototype GPU acceleration for Azure/Skia canvas on mobile
    • [ON TRACK] Prototype GPU acceleration for Azure/Skia canvas on Windows
      • Determine if this is possible on Windows XP due to context loss etc
    • [ON TRACK] Have a clean, dependable, extensible, all-platform, free-of-adverse-cache-effects driver blacklisting solution.
    • [ON TRACK] Enable Azure for content everywhere
    • [ON TRACK] OMTC implemented, landed and turned on for Metro product beta
    • [ON TRACK] Turn on GL layers on Linux
    • Other important Q4 work
      • OMTC on Direct3D 9, OpenGL on Desktop, basic layers
      • WebGL test suite compliance
      • CSS font spec work
      • Convert drawing code to Azure
      • Other B2G and mobile work as necessary
  • OMTC discussion (might be enough stuff to move to a separate meeting?)
    • Is it worth doing OMTC / BasicLayers?
    • Should we try instead verySimpleD3D9Layers to maximize the % of Windows users who get acceleration?
    • Benoit doesn't want to work on D3D9 simple layers, and Bas thinks he could be put to use on much more high-impact things
    • We will reconvene next Monday to talk about this more