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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases:

Gfx bugs

Including Image, Canvas 2D, and WebGL.

Layout bugs

Media bugs


  • Layers Update
  • Off-Main Thread Everything (OMT*) Planning
  • Incoming Bug Triage


From etherpad:

Layers Refactoring

ongoing (March 18 ETA for landing.) For the high level bugs that the Metro team cares about and tracks, look for [metro-gfx] in the whiteboard. Once these bugs are fixed, we are done with what Metro team needs. For the detailed engineering work breakdown, look for "layers-refactoring" in the bugs. bug list

Blending and Compositing

Adobe wants to work with us on CSS Graphics features (blending, compositing, etc.) Likely meeting in Mid-March. Invite roc, heycam, gfx people to that meeting.

dbaron: Compositing & Blending in CSS is harder than in canvas is coming up with interoperability. painting 'over' is associative, but not true for other drawing operators. Effects on stacking contexts and other rules aren't spec'd, but when spec'd may not line up with our implementation. Big potential pitfall there if we're not careful about spec'ing it in a way that can lead to interoperable implementations that are performant across multiple engines.

OMT-Everything Updates

OMT-Compositing = Windows 8 Metro (D3D11) - not desktop in short term (jeffm/bas)

OMT-Async Scrolling = ajones = Metro, Android (conversion from Java)

OMT-Images = Multithreaded Image Decoding (Joe) 1 test failure left on refactoring. Still need a patch for OMT-decoding(???)

OMT-Video = ???

OMT-Animation - on for B2G, clord working on Android, need tests to get unblocked

OMT-Canvas - IE10 has it, they beat us on some benchmarks. proxy canvas calls to Azure. need image lib to be accessible off main thread. text rendering work. <mattwoodrow>

OMT-Painting - OMT-canvas will come first, Layers refactoring needed, images, text, backgrounds, everything. Nice to have SVG, table backgrounds, need to go to DL-based but not necessary for OMT-P.

We need a policy picture for thread workers. Task-based parallelization framework. Topic for May work week.

Work Week May 20-24.

Bug Triage - gfx, layout

How to avoid bugs falling through the cracks? How to get a bit more organized than we are right now, in Layout GFx component bugs. Somebody needs to do a first pass. Spread the triage duties around. Prioritize them somehow. Sherrif? Bug triage list and priority policy? Escalation path is assign to manager? Something else? To be discussed further (Jet to round up a smaller group to plan and propose solutions.)