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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases:

Gfx bugs

Including Image, Canvas 2D, and WebGL.

Layout bugs

Media bugs


  • Layers Update
  • Images Update
  • CSS Layout Update
  • Media Update
  • Work Week

Layers Refactoring Update:

  • Bas: D3D11 backend is mostly in place.
  • Nick: Compositor changes continue to our 50% completion point next week
  • Progress will continue on the graphics branch
  • There's some concern about a hard landing, but we'll manage that as it's not as disruptive as DLBI. It's better for us to go ahead and change the outer interfaces and deal with the merge conflicts as the work to change the client API's needs to be done anyway.
  • Milan: Check again next week - we should be halfway through on our way to finishing by end of March. We'll manage the risk with time, using most of March as our integration month.

Images Update:

  • Joe: Off-main thread image decoding. Now cleaning up patches and getting pretty close to finishing that. Code Reviewer Justin Lebar is tied up on B2G, Seth may step in to review. 1 or 2 more patches needed for isolating update/apply in single transactions across two threads. Watching out for cross-main-thread bugs. Plan is to land this week, but may back out of Aurora for safety. We could pref out the imagedecoding off main thread so we can land sooner.
  • Timothy: non-visible images work landed but bounced due to permaorange. Turns out the failing test is not correct and fixed he test, but now fails on linux32-crashtest-IPC. Unable to reproduce locally. Getting unlucky on Try server runs--still investigating.
  • Seth: CSS Images. Media fragments work is mostly in place. Now working on clipping the images correctly. Still some persistent nasty bugs with the cache. Need these changes on how we determine width/height. intermitent orange bugs on SVG, but continuing to make progress.

Layout Updates:

  • Daniel: CSS Flexbox has bugs fund by fuzzer tests. Now working on flex-containers turning into unexpected children (eg. buttons). More fuzz-tests are ongoing. Have a stack of patches now on pagination of flexbox. Currently enabled on aurora but may disable on beta depending on status of fuzzer bugs.
  • Jet: Everybody working on author-facing Layout needs to watch out for fuzz bugs are they're actively getting fuzzed by external researchrs. Action Item (Jet:) Look into geting ASAN builds on try server.
  • Scott: Reflow-on-Zoom Readability Feature: R.O.Z makes text rewrap for scrolling on zoom (bug 803719.) Our biggest issue is performance: zooming in is smooth but zooming out is costly--repaint is slow on zoom-out. ETA for Nightly dev builds is Friday (pending reviews.)

Media update:

  • cpearce: Windows Media Framework passing on try: gives us H.264 on Vista, XP will be next (using Flash.)
  • cdouble: working on libstagefright crashers.

Work Week:

  • Jet: A poll will be posted about the next Rendering F2F Meet-up.