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Urgent Bug Triage

Bugs tracked for upcoming Firefox releases:

Gfx bugs

Including Image, Canvas 2D, and WebGL.

Layout bugs

Media bugs


  • Request for Help from the Gaia team:
  • Review Taipei work week agenda (assign owners:)
  • Check in on Layers progress and next steps
  • Off-main-thread animated images request for feedback bug 717872 (joe)
    • bug 867758 - Coordinate start of animation for same-FPS images
      • While not strictly related, it'd be nice if we were in a better state for animated images in general.
      • This bug will make it so that animated images at the same FPS will be updated by the refresh driver at the same time.
      • Thus, we'll composite less often, consuming less battery.
    • bug 867770 - Always layerize animated images
      • In order for OMT animated images to make any sense at all, the animated images need to be layerized.
      • This depends on bug 869133, which may be a no-op.
        • We need to make sure that animated images are easily layerizable, so that when the refresh driver calls RequestRefresh() on the image, the ImageContainer gets updated correctly.