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The quarterly goals for 2013 can be found at this page. This is the list from which we are drawing those goals, and it changes as more information is collected. It should not be taken as a goal, just a possible direction.

Q1 wishlist

  • 804057 - GTest/XULTest
  • Gradient performance
  • Enable Skia canvas where faster already
  • WebGL performance on Firefox OS and Android
  • WebGL bug backlog (any and all security)
  • WebGL discard image data
  • WebGL drop D3DX9_43.dll
  • D3D9 fixed function fallback

Q2 wishlist

  • Azure content: Cairo, mobile, printing, Quartz, Skia
  • Tiling or buffer rotation for Firefox OS
  • WebGL: 1.0.2 conformance tests
  • WebGL: multiple render targets
  • WebGL: long id mapping improvements
  • WebGL: ATC/PVRTC testing improvements
  • XP software path optimization

Q3 wishlist

  • update pixman and cairo
  • software omtc
  • Skia GL
  • Enable Linux HW acceleration
  • Separate validation and composition in layers
  • Azure unit tests
  • Mac omtc

Q4 wishlist

  • migrate drawing to mozd2
  • Emable Linux omtc