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Current Status

GL Layers on Mobile are not yet ready to be enabled by default. The major tasks remaining are running the reftests and assessing performance.

The tracking bug for OpenGL on Mobile is bug 607684.


  • GL Reftest on Android (BenWa):
  • Fix Rendering glitches:
    • Let OpenGL layers recover from lost/reset GL contexts (ajuma) bug 660072
      • Needs more scoping.
    • Glitches on two successive surface changes (Android + GL) bug 681327
    • More in bug 607684
  • Profiling (Focus on previous tasks first)
    • Add SPS Profiler (BenWa) bug 683229
    • Texture updates happen synchronously and harm interactive performance (Chris Lord) bug 670930
    • Fennec repainting thebesLayers content while scrolling remote layer bug 672695
    • Floating ThebesSurface rendering is very slow (heeen) bug 608983.

Open bugs

See bug 607684 for a list of open bugs and Platform/GFX/GLLayersOnMobile/OpenBugs.