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WebRender Planning 2019

The purpose of this document is to cover the goals and objectives for WebRender, per quarter.


Here is a highlevel breakdown of the WebRender roadmap for 2019:
(Note: we are currently working on revamping this to represent a high-level for 2020)

We will track the core pieces of work, per quarter, here:

Where have we shipped?

For a list of the various places we have shipped WebRender, see:

Under 'compositor usage' you can see the % of Windows users who are using WebRender:

Q4 Priorities for WR

The priorities for Q4 (October/November/December) 2019

  • Ship our WebRender targets for 70 and 71
    • The target for 70 is Windows 10 desktop Intel, with low res screens
    • The target for 71 is Windows 10 laptop Nvidia, with low res screens
  • Work on performance improvements that will help unblock our ability to ship on more Intel
  • Keep on top of important correctness bugs
  • Make progress on Android

Perf Infrastructure

We’d like to be in a position to start shipping WebRender to Windows 10 Intel Laptops in early 2020. We know that battery performance is an issue and we need some infrastructure in place to help resolve that. We need some Our current plan is to re-measure battery performance after landing the following bugs and then determine what else we might need to do to improve this.

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to
1536360 [meta] Picture caching improvements

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


General correctness bugs are currently tracked the following queries. These are being re-triaged to assess importance on a regular basis:

WR on Android

Bugs to fix before enabling WR on GeckoView

General Perf Improvements

Start identifying themes around performance improvements that we can make


Other bugs we may prioritize in Q4

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to
1541900 Add support for outputting RGBA surfaces Andrew Osmond [:aosmond] (he/him)
1548396 Support picture caching on child pictures.

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Software Fallback

Other WR Bugzilla Queries and Info

To Do: these lists need to be reviewed to reassessed

Triage info:

Mailing list:
IRC channel: #gfx
Project owner: Maire Reavy