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  • Update on 1.9.1 Items:
    • Josh:
      • bug 433952 Decom native menu impl: Need to update patch in response to review
      • bug 435041 NPAPI Events: 30% done
      • bug 435330 Remove XPCOM plugin API: not going to work on this for at least a few months, this is Mozilla 2 work
    • Steven: bugs, including:
      • bug 357670 IME doesn't work in Flash plugin
      • bug 435521 Crash rapidly cycling Download Manager window
      • bug 436897 WindowServer eats CPU (event taps problem)
  • QA: New OSX 10.5.3 issue: Steven is going to create a new bug on the hang, with STR, and include any information required by apple to help out with the situation. We'll be nominating this bug for blocking, but at this point we don't have enough information to determine if it will indeed block. You can follow the progress on this issue at bug 436575. This bug now has a patch and tryserver build. Please test!