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Agenda: General status update. I know people have been on vacation, but let's see where we are.

Reminder: Alpha 1 freeze is on Monday @ 11:59 PDT, July 21st. What's going in? What's at risk?

  • Josh:
    • Back from vacation
    • Finishing follow-up patches for native menu rewrite (bug 442972, bug 443455)
    • Working to finish Cocoa NPAPI as soon as possible (bug 435041)
  • smichaud:
    • Working on 1.9.0.x bugs, particularly the following:
      • bug 357670 Has patch on mozilla-central, thoroughly tested, ready to seek approval for
      • bug 428405 Has patch on mozilla-central, did mochitest, test needs review.
      • bug 444864 Crash bug, has patch, needs review.
      • bug 444260 Crash bug, has patch, needs review.
      • bug 443024 Crash bug, topcrasher, has patch on mozilla-central, needs approval.
      • bug 442245 Crash bug, has patch, needs review, somewhat complex.