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Meeting notes


  • Boriss
  • Margaret
  • Sid
  • Mehdi

Two features wanted:

  1. Full configuration preferences screen (exceptions, blanket
  2. Ability to change and view permissions for sites while browsing
    • Pulling things out of Page Info dialog?
    • Ones that have changed are what's important
    • Blend in with account manager
    • Site identity button, lucky charms
    • Deferred to later - trickier (but fun) problem!

Site preferences interface

  • iterate on the design from Mehdi's patch from bug 573176
  • implement as in-content about page
    • [about:permissions]
  • representing top-level domains and sub-domains
  • determining title
    • can use ssl certificate for proper title
  • how to deal with domains like vs.
  • correct messaging will be important
  • start with configuration for "All Sites"
  • study user perception of privacy
    • users may freak out at in-content page

Action items

  • Boriss: look at old designs
  • Sid: update wiki page for design work

Additional notes

Generating list of sites:

  • start by using places db
    • limit query to get sites with high frencency
    • we can use favicon service to get icons for these sites
    • these sites have titles, but those can be weird for sites with dynamic titles (e.g. gmail unread counts)
  • sites that already have preference exceptions (cookies, saved passwords, etc.)
    • these preferences are stored separately for complete domains (e.g. and are different)
    • these sites won't have titles
  • have ability to add sites that aren't on the list
    • you can currently do this in the cookies exceptions dialog (Privacy -> Use custom settings for history -> Exceptions...)

All sites:

  • "All sites" is kind of confusing if those are global preferences, which are overridden by exceptions for specific sites
  • perhaps it should be separate from the site list
    • above the search box
    • different interface in the preferences box


  • cookies
  • passwords
  • geolocation
  • storage
  • add-on installation
  • pop-up blocking
  • image loading
  • history and bookmarks
    • Margaret: I don't think we should do this because there is no preference to modify. As much as it may be interesting to see, this pane is not the place for that.

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