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This page tracks W3C Interest Groups (IGs) and Community Groups (CGs) that Mozillians participate in. Specifically these are IGs and CGs without a related Working Group (WG).

See the main Standards page for WGs and their directly related IGs & CGs (if any).


  • See Standards for W3C Working Groups that Mozillians participate in.

Color on the Web Community Group

Federated Identity Community Group

  • Cameron Boozarjomehri
  • Benjamin VanderSloot

Games Community Group

Generative AI Community Group

Immersive Web Community Group - previously known as WebVR Community Group


Open UI Community Group

Privacy Community Group

  • Paul Zühlcke
  • Tim Huang
  • Benjamin VanderSloot

Social Web Incubator Community Group

WebDX Community Group

  • James Graham
  • Ruth John

WebExtensions Community Group

WECG's activity is at its GitHub repo (charter, issue tracker, meeting notes).

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