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This page tracks W3C Interest Groups (IGs) and Community Groups (CGs) that Mozillians participate in. Specifically these are IGs and CGs without a related Working Group (WG).

See the main Standards page for WGs and their directly related IGs & CGs (if any).


  • See Standards for W3C Working Groups that Mozillians participate in.

Color on the Web Community Group

Federated Identity Community Group

Games Community Group

Generative AI Community Group

Immersive Web Community Group - previously known as WebVR Community Group


Open UI Community Group

Privacy Community Group

  • Paul Zühlcke
  • Tim Huang
  • Benjamin VanderSloot

Social Web Incubator Community Group

WebDX Community Group

  • James Graham
  • Ruth John

WebExtensions Community Group

WECG's activity is at its GitHub repo (charter, issue tracker, meeting notes).

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