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- httphandler: unused, BAHLEETED

- cache: global observer singleton that watches PB transitions and assorted other prefs

   - on transition, dooms the active cache and potentially enables the disk/offline caches
   - enables the disk cache on pref change if not in PB
   - enables offline cache on pref change if not in PB

- cookie: global cookie service

   - set up private DB state if in private browsing
   - happens on profile-do-change and creation


- nsClipboardPrivacyHandler::InPrivateBrowsing called from nsClipboardPrivacyHandler::PrepareDataForClipboard

   - adds a boolean to the clipboard data indicating it came from PB


- _getvalue, NPNVprivateModeBool: returns private browsing status

- nsNPAPIPluginInstance::PrivateModeStateChanged, called by nsPluginHost::Observe on PB mode switching


- nsExternalAppHelperService

   - observes switching, clears private files on exit, marks files private based on PB status