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Pr Rank Feature Stage Team Lead Eng Feature manager
P1 1 Silent Update Development Desktop front-end ` Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Updated workflow for users with incompatible add-ons Planning Desktop front-end Robert Strong Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Shipped Platform Integration Brian Bondy Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Lessen the display of app update UI Shipped Platform Integration Tim Taubert Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Add-ons Default to Compatible Shipped Desktop front-end Blair McBride (client), Wil Clouser (AMO) Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Lessen the showing of the what's new page Shipped Release Engineering Laura Mesa Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Background updates Shipped Desktop front-end Ehsan Akhgari Lawrence Mandel
P1 2 Migrate Chrome settings and data Development Desktop front-end Makoto Kato, Marco Bonardo Asa Dotzler
P1 3 Primary UI Responsiveness - 50ms goal Complete Desktop front-end ` Dietrich Ayala
P1 4 Theme Refinement and Evolution (Australis) Shipped Desktop front-end ` Stephen Horlander
P1 5 New Tab Page Landed Desktop front-end Tim Taubert Chris Lee
P1 6 Multi Search Development Desktop front-end Frank Yan Alex Limi
P1 7 Web Apps Integration to Desktop Landed ` Felipe Gomes Lawrence Mandel
P1 8 Firefox Home Tab Landed Desktop front-end ` Chris Lee
P1 9 Ability to clean up user profile Shipped Desktop front-end Matthew Noorenberghe Matthew Noorenberghe
P1 10 Plugin keyboard focus Definition Plugins Josh Aas Asa Dotzler
P1 11 UI animations Development Desktop front-end Frank Yan Frank Yan
P1 14 Opt in Dialog for Telemetry Shelved ` ` `
P1 15 Opt-in activation for plugins Complete Desktop front-end David Keeler David Keeler
P1 15 Click-to-Play Part II Complete Security David Keeler David Keeler
P1 15 Network Installer Landed Platform Integration Rob Strong Kev Needham
P1 16 In-browser translation Definition ` ` `
P1 17 Focus Mode Definition ` ` `
P1 999 Tab Strip Visual Redesign Complete Desktop front-end Matthew Noorenberghe Stephen Horlander
P1 999 Firefox Social Integration Complete Desktop front-end Shane Caraveo Sheila Mooney
P1 999 Tab move/detach animations Development Desktop front-end Frank Yan Alex Limi
P1 999 Speedy Session Restore Development ` Dietrich Ayala Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Confirm add-ons on upgrade Landed Desktop front-end Dave Townsend Dave Townsend
P1 999 Automatic Session Restore with Tabs on Demand Landed ` Paolo Amadini Asa Dotzler
P1 999 Enable Smooth scrolling Landed ` Jared Wein Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Hang Detector and Reporter Landed ` Vladan Djeric Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Windows Start-up Performance improvements Landed ` Brian Bondy Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Cycle Collector Perf improvements Landed ` Andrew McCreight Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Incremental garbage collection Landed JavaScript ` David Mandelin
P1 999 Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps Landed Desktop front-end Dave Townsend Dave Townsend
P1 999 Enhancements to help mitigate search hijacking On hold Desktop front-end Gavin Sharp Sheila Mooney
P1 999 Revamp about:memory Shipped Desktop front-end Nicholas Nethercote Nicholas Nethercote
P1 999 Simple options for add-ons embedded in the main UI Shipped Desktop front-end Geoff Lankow Dave Townsend
P1 999 Highlight the domain name in the location bar Shipped Desktop front-end Dao Gottwald Dao Gottwald
P1 999 Support High Resolution Scrolling on Windows Shipped Desktop front-end Masayuki Nakano Alex Faaborg
P1 999 Panorama groups should always persist Shipped Desktop front-end Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P1 999 Panel Menu Shipped Desktop front-end Blair McBride Stephen Horlander
P1 999 Promote Sync in bookmark and password doorhangers Shipped Desktop front-end Marco Bonardo Jennifer Arguello
P1 999 Improve Responsiveness with Memory Reductions Shipped JavaScript Nicholas Nethercote `
P1 999 Link plugin checker from AOM Shipped Desktop front-end Hernan Colmeiro Dave Townsend
P1 999 Site-based data management UI Shipped Desktop front-end Margaret Leibovic Sid Stamm
P1 999 Load Panorama groups on-demand Shipped Desktop front-end Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P2 1 Firefox Share Planning Desktop front-end Dietrich Ayala / Davd Dahl Chris Lee
P2 2 Improved missing plugin experience Planning Desktop front-end ` Justin Dolske
P2 3 Ability to run concurrent channels Design Desktop front-end ` Alex Limi
P2 4 Panel-based Download Manager Landed Desktop front-end Paolo Amadini, Mike Conley Marco Bonardo
P2 5 Global App Tabs Development Desktop front-end Paul O'Shannessy Paul O'Shannessy
P2 6 Replace Old Profile for Returning Users Complete Desktop front-end Matthew Noorenberghe `
P2 7 Add plugincheck functionality to Add-on Manager Planning Desktop front-end ` `
P2 8 Replace keyword.URL to follow Search Bar and/or allow independent setting of provider Definition Desktop front-end TBD (Gavin?) Kev Needham
P2 9 Per-tab private browsing Shelved ` ` `
P2 10 Streamline Firefox Feature Selection (add-ons and off-by-default features) Definition ` ` `
P2 11 Blocklist UX enhancements [Plug-ins] Definition Desktop front-end ` Kev Needham
P2 11 Add People Search to Firefox (Twitter) Landed ` ` `
P2 15 Stub Installer and UI update Development Platform Integration Robert Strong Robert Strong
P2 999 Add AppTab via distribution.js Definition ` TBD Kev Needham
P2 999 OS dialog for Mac Definition Desktop front-end ` Chris Lee
P2 999 Add support for 64-bit Firefox Windows 7/Vista Definition Plugins ` `
P2 999 Personas Rotator Definition Desktop front-end Dao Gottwald Deb Richardson
P2 999 Disable addons that don't observe "private-browsing" event/opt-in Definition ` ` `
P2 999 Improve the geolocation UX so it's better connected to the user Definition UX ` `
P2 999 Import settings from Sync Definition Platform ` Alex Faaborg
P2 999 Convert remaining window-modal dialogs to tab-modal Design Desktop front-end ` Justin Dolske
P2 999 Improve Add-on Installation Design Desktop front-end ` Jennifer Boriss
P2 999 Improve display of location bar results Development Desktop front-end Andrew Hurle Stephen Horlander
P2 999 OS X 10.7 support Development Platform Integration ` Alex Limi
P2 999 Use PFS2 as Plugin Finder data source Development Desktop front-end ` Kev Needham
P2 999 Hide toolbars for app tabs by default Development Desktop front-end Felipe Gomes Alex Limi
P2 999 Improve Panorama interactions Development Desktop front-end Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P2 999 Eliminate redundant title text Development Desktop front-end Adam [:hobophobe] Frank Yan
P2 999 Improve the UX on master password so that it is comfortable to be used by default Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Incorporate fingerprint-minimizing features into private browsing Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Improve Site identity button to show more about how you've interacted with a site in the past Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Improve transparency of authentication state so users know when they're sending credentials to sites (and which ones) Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Make DNT documentation and pref accessible from first-run page Draft ` ` `
P2 999 "Tracking alert" to inform users when an entity is tracking them across sites Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand Landed Desktop front-end Paul O'Shannessy Alex Limi
P2 999 Per-window Private Browsing Landed ` Josh Matthews Josh Matthews
P2 999 Inline URL autocomplete Landed Desktop front-end Marco Bonardo Alex Limi
P2 999 Media Controls Refresh Landed Desktop front-end Jared Wein, Paul Adenot Asa Dotzler
P2 999 Provide a standalone feedback button Planning Desktop front-end Jono Xia Aakash Desai
P2 999 Plugin crash comments Planning Desktop front-end ` Sheila Mooney
P2 999 Firefox-native Verified Email Client Shelved Desktop front-end David Dahl David Dahl
P3 999 Expose add-on impact information at AMO and in Firefox Definition Desktop front-end Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro, Dave Dash, Justin Dolske Justin Scott
P3 999 Allow uninstalling third-party installed add-ons Definition Desktop front-end ` Dave Townsend
P3 999 Improved themes and Personas selection Definition Desktop front-end Dave Townsend Dave Townsend
P3 999 In-flight as-it-happens control of disclosure Definition ` ` `
P3 999 Integrate search engines into the Add-ons Manager Definition Desktop front-end ` `
P3 999 Make crash reports helpful and easier to access Definition Desktop front-end Blair McBride Sheila Mooney
P3 999 All-Windows UI for Panorama Design Desktop front-end Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P3 999 Remove version from About window Design Desktop front-end ` Chris Lee
P3 999 In-content preferences Development Desktop front-end Jon Rietveld Jared Wein
P3 999 In-content UI Visual Unification Development Desktop front-end Blair McBride Blair McBride
P3 999 Streamline the visual appearance of the search field Development Desktop front-end Margaret Leibovic Alex Faaborg
P3 999 Find a way to visualize and present to users the way a site interacts with other entities Draft ` ` `
P3 999 Geolocation: Let the user pick where they are or lie using a map or other UI Draft ` ` `
P3 999 Plugin awareness of users privacy prefs Draft ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Ark - An open dev tools directory Definition WebDev Arron Schaar Daniel Buchner
Unprioritized 999 Improve find-in-page Development Desktop front-end Mike de Boer Jennifer Boriss
Unprioritized 999 Arrow Panel Redesign Draft Desktop front-end ` Stephen Horlander
Unprioritized 999 home tab icon order Draft ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 App Walkthrough Draft WebDev Frederic Wenzel Daniel Buchner
Unprioritized 999 Help users understand which bits are unencrypted Draft ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Show infobar session restore Draft Desktop front-end Paul O'Shannessy Alex Limi
Unprioritized 999 ship firefox with some add-ons Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Network Down page Feature Inbox ` ` Michael Verdi
Unprioritized 999 how to not login like desktop apps Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Chrome-only plugins Feature Inbox Plugins ` `
Unprioritized 999 Sidebar Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Input for Addons Developers Feature Inbox Desktop front-end ` Aakash Desai
Unprioritized 999 Super Reload Feature Inbox ` ` Michael Verdi
Unprioritized 999 Silent Update: Install Anyway Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Downloads API Landed Desktop front-end Paolo Amadini Paolo Amadini
Unprioritized 999 Exception To Silent: What's new? Landed ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Sync Integration for Panorama On hold ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Jetpack API for Panorama On hold ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Support Mac App Store On hold ` Robert Strong Christian Legnitto
Unprioritized 999 Windows Plugin Hang UI Planning Plugins Aaron Klotz bsmedberg
Unprioritized 999 Improved plugin installation and management experience Planning Desktop front-end Rob Strong `
Unprioritized 999 Make Ubiquity the Address Bar Shelved ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Add-on hotfixes Shipped Desktop front-end Dave Townsend Christian Legnitto & Alex Keybl
Unprioritized 999 Toolbar Customization Shipped Desktop front-end ` Stephen Horlander
` 999 Native Sign In to Website Development Identity Austin King (ozten) `
` 999 Retention measurement Shelved ` ` Saptarshi Guha