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If you own something on this list, you are responsible for driving work on the Definition, Design, and Planning stages to the point where it is ready for engineering to pick up and start work.

When a page is ready for engineering, set "Stage" to "Development" and make sure "Status" is left blank.

Pr Feature Stage Status Target Product manager
P1 Sync Device Management Definition ` ` Jennifer Arguello
P1 Sync Password and Form Manager Performance Definition ` ` Thomas Arend
P1 Module Sharing Definition In progress ` Dave Mason
P1 Plugin keyboard focus Definition ` ` Asa Dotzler
P1 In-browser translation Definition ` ` Asa Dotzler
P1 Page Data View Definition ` ` Kevin Dangoor
P1 Focus Mode Definition ` ` Asa Dotzler
P1 User Tracking Map Definition ` ` Asa Dotzler
P1 Smooth video playback on Mobile Definition ` ` Thomas Arend
P1 SSL Error Reporting Design In progress ` Kathleen Wilson
P1 Ability to take a picture from a web page (<input type="picture">) - "Phase 1" Design In progress Firefox 15 (Maire to confirm) Maire Reavy
P1 Modern Address Book - V1 Design In progress Under revision `
P1 Ability to put tabs in the title bar on OS X Design ` ` Asa Dotzler
P1 Camera API Phase 2 - based on getUserMedia Design In progress Firefox 15 - Mobile only, still image support only Maire Reavy
P1 FlightDeck as a Client-side App Draft ` FlightDeck 1.0 Daniel Buchner
P1 Multiple Cookie Jars Draft ` ` Sid Stamm
P1 Firefox Sync for Android Draft In progress Fennec Native Jennifer Arguello
P1 Bundled/native plugin support, including upgrade Draft ` ` Kev Needham
P1 Block content-window script from accessing Components.* Draft ` ` Sid Stamm
P1 Revamp Security Hooks Draft ` ` `
P1 OOPP tuning and expansion to better support existing and additional plugins Draft ` ` Kev Needham
P1 This is a test feature for Marketplace Draft In progress ` Justin Scott
P1 Limit CSS3 resolution and window.screen info to render window size Draft ` ` Sid Stamm
P1 Android Snippets Draft In progress ` Karen Rudnitski
P1 Opt-back-in-from-DNT capability Draft ` ` Sid Stamm
P1 Client-side XPI construction Draft ` Add-on Builder 2 Daniel Buchner
P1 Thebes Wrapper for Azure Draft ` ` Chris Blizzard
P1 Google Play Review Solicitation Draft In progress ` Jen Arguello
P1 Baseline JIT Feature Inbox In progress ` `
P1 Media Plugin API (MPAPI) Planning In progress Firefox 15 or 16 (TBD) - Mobile only, by the end of Q2 Maire Reavy
P1 Addons In Toolbar Planning In progress ` Dave Mason
P1 Add-On Tab API Planning In progress Add-on SDK 1.5 David Mason
P1 Silent Update: Updated workflow for users with incompatible add-ons Planning In progress ` Chris Lee
P1 CFX in JS Planning In progress ` Dave Mason
P1 Land Parts of Add-on SDK In Core Planning In progress ` David Mason