Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-10-02

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  • Team offsite Oct 24-25 - next steps
  • Damon offsite last week
  • Hiring
  • Priorities
  • Q4 goals
  • B2G
    • Schedule
    • Mobilizing additional dev resources
    • Feature freeze update
    • Areas that need help
    • Martin: What happened yesterday, data looks corrupted, was their a bug migration from github to Bugzilla?
    • How is Gaia work tracked in Bugzilla?


  • Reconfiguring the ecosystem post-feature-freeze
  • Pushing on new developer requirements: unit tests, reviews, automation, bugzilla
  • Coordinating with engineering managers who are donating resources
  • Coordinating with Developer Engagement outreach for external contributions
  • B2G paper shuffling
    • Label wrangling: marking all features, minusing all features, marking all bugs, general triage
    • Requirements validation: confirming feature status on-device and updating the TEF shared document
    • Requirements cataloging: generating user stories from UX/Visual documents, into the TEF shared document
  • Managing estimates and status of at-risk feature document
  • Normal 500mph realtime coordination activity, x2 now that lots of new people are getting involved (irc, email, mailing list, etc)


  • Feature driving/Risk mitigation for Fx16, Fx17, Fx18, Fx19 +
  • Resource leveling evaluation
  • ARMv6 External Testing: We don't have enough data to make a call on Fx16 ==> deferring on Fx17
  • WebApps: Prepping for go/no-go next week
  • Android Snippets: underway
  • Google Campaign Tracker


  • B2G
    • Need to figure out how Gaia issues are tracked in Bugzilla and reset the issues dashboard.
    • Working to schedule risk identification sessions with QA and platform teams
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Discussing next steps and how to engage with the community
  • Snappy
    • Need to summarize work from work week and create Q4 plans
  • Telemetry
    • Q4 goal planning with metrics


  • Tool maker outreach efforts
  • Meet metrics to insure clear understanding of path forward for Bugzilla Anthropology
  • Setup Bugzilla Anthropology on Metrics installation of Jira
  • Developed project charter for Mulitplayer BananaBread edition
    • Preliminary Budget has been approved by Demon
  • Started to gather information for new Games oriented web site
  • Presentation on Mozilla Games to FITC
  • Looking for demoable game for FFOS
  • Launched 2 new levels for BananaBread to coincided with Chrome release of PointerLock.


  • FF OS Feature Audit
  • FF OS Schedule review with TEF
  • PTO Thursday & Friday


  • Catching up after week of offsites
  • PM offsite planning
  • Social API - more changes landing this week
  • B2G - whatever Michael and Dietrich need help with