Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-12-18

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  • Headcount for 2013
  • Cheng has put together an User Analysis team
  • Q1 goals?



FxAndroid Roadmap
  • ARMv6 Test Results summary
  • Product announcements risk management
  • Readability: Reflow on zoom implementation, font inflation bug fixes, and shipping fonts debate
  • Marketplace: WebRT implementation for payments, packaged apps, privl'd apps, updates
  • MWC project planning: HW selection, demo scripts from Sam, benchmarks, WebRTC implmementation, WebGL for 2D and 3D games
  • OMTC risk management
  • Iteration2 risk management & Iteration 3 planning
  • Work with Marco to help him align and conquer
  • Need to clear aside time to help feature status become self-scrubbing


  • Platform technical roadmap
    • Opened to next round of reviewers.
  • B2G
    • Continuing platform triage including regular re-triage and follow-ups.
    • Getting more involved in decision making for B2G.
  • Performance
    • Outstanding Telemetry enabled-by-default blockers: privacy policy update
    • Starting to work on visible overlap between FHR and Telemetry with UX
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Initial list of sites for B2G UA whitelist should be ready this week
    • Will follow-up with additional sites for UA whitelist
    • Continuing to work with BrightCove and Vimeo
    • Planning for 2013



  • Continue to work on LG FFOS v1.x release
  • Firefox OS Planning Monday and Tuesday


  • Developed list of questions and issues relating to scope, features, constraints, and team.
  • Working with Asa and Erin to understand their impressions of the project to date.
  • Outlining recommendations on Thursday for next steps for PM migration.


  • Hiring plan for 2013
    • Lots of meeting on this
  • Mostly trying to catch up after last week
  • FHR
    • Getting up to speed on work last week
    • Tracking FHR for desktop
    • Tracking ADU ping for B2G