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LG G2X Phones

The LG G2X running Android 2.3 is the main platform we're generating numbers for. There's just a few things you might need to do to keep it up and running.

  • Setting HDMI mode: Open the phone's setting panel, go to "HDMI", and make sure the HDMI mode is set to 1080p
  • Verifying HDMI output: Open up the Blackmagic Media Express tool, go to edit->preferences in the menu, select HD 1080p 60 for project video format. Press "OK" and click on the "log and capture" tab in the main video mode. You should see the screen on the phone mirrored.
  • Recovering from a hard failure: In certain rare cases, this phone is known to lock up hard. In this case, take out the battery, put it back in, and restart the phone.