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This is a property of type String.

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ARMv6 support - phase 1 +Feature name here  +
Add appTab via distribution.js +Add AppTab via distribution.js  +
Add-on SDK in Firefox +Add-on SDK in Firefox  +
Additional distribution points +Additional distribution points  +
Addon Console +Add-on Console  +
AddonSDKCryptoAPI +Addon SDK Crypto API  +
AndroidPasswordStorage +Android password storage and syncing  +
Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab +Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab  +
App Vertical Tuts +Vertical-specific App Development Tutorials  +
App Walkthrough +App Walkthrough  +
Ark +Ark - An open dev tools directory  +
Arrow Panel Redesign +Arrow Panel Redesign  +
Async Jetpack +Async Jetpack  +
Attachment Browser +Attachment browser  +
Auto hide scroll bars +Auto hide scroll bars  +
Awesome Bar v2 +Awesome Bar v2  +
B2G App Security Model +B2G App Security and Privacy Model  +
Big File Providers +Big File Providers  +
Browser translation +In-browser translation  +
CC perf improvements +Cycle Collector Perf improvements  +
CSS3 3D Transforms +CSS3 3D Transforms  +
Chrome Style Editing +Chrome Style Editing  +
Click-to-play part II +Click-to-Play Part II  +
CloudServices/Universal Account Page +Universal Account Page  +
Complete Send In Background +Complete Send In Background function to use Outbox to send messages  +