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ARMv6 support - phase 1 +`  +
Add appTab via distribution.js + * No module owner for distribution.js currently   +
Add-on SDK in Firefox +Open issues: * Need to ensure Jetpack tests are run per-checkin by default on all branches (where it makes sense)  +
Additional distribution points +How much is this going to cost?  +
Addon Console +`  +
AddonSDKCryptoAPI + * Need to create a platform API that is thread safe * Need to create a ChromeWorker and JSM as the "internal API" ** keeping this work off of main thread ** need to keep e10s (mobile Firefox and desktop) in mind with this implementation * Need to expose this internal API via an AddonSDK API   +
AndroidPasswordStorage +`  +
Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab +`  +
App Vertical Tuts +We need time and cycles from the MDN folks to help us write and edit the various tutorials.  +
App Walkthrough +`  +
Ark +How far should we go? <-- The relevant range of possible solution targets for this product is huge.  +
Arrow Panel Redesign +`  +
Async Jetpack +`  +
Attachment Browser +`  +
Auto hide scroll bars +`  +
Awesome Bar v2 +`  +
B2G App Security Model +What unique types of apps do we support (local installed with special privileges, local installed with normal privileges, remotely hosted but locally installed, remote apps within browser)? Will B2G have an "installed apps" mechanism for installing static offline applications, or will all apps be loaded over the web (using Offline Web Application API as necessary for offline mode)? How should apps with "special" privileges be managed (identified, discovered, installed, updated)? Do they require a different security model? What restrictions should exist for code and content importing for apps (remote to local, cross-domain)? Which types of applications need to be signed? (if so how, and what will be signed?) How does an app store blacklist / revoke an application? Should permission requests/notifications happen at install time, at runtime, or both? Should permissions be opt-in or opt-out? Should apps be notified when permissions are denied for a given app, or should permission failures be indistinguishable from other failure modes? Exploit mitigations for in-content attacks (i.e. code injection, MITM) Exploit mitigations for memory-safety attacks (multi-process with restricted rights for app processes) User control: Can the user always override the permission settings for an app?  +
Big File Providers +`  +
Browser translation +`  +
CC perf improvements +`  +
CSS3 3D Transforms +`  +
Chrome Style Editing +`  +
Click-to-play part II +`  +
CloudServices/Universal Account Page +`  +
Complete Send In Background +`  +