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ARMv6 support - phase 1 +`  +
Add appTab via distribution.js +`  +
Add-on SDK in Firefox + * Reduced add-on size. Currently add-ons created with the SDK are 200k at a minimum. This reduces download time and installation time of add-ons, streamlining the process. * Develop core features using the SDK. Firefox core developers can use the SDK libraries to build features. * Easier to convert add-ons into Firefox features, so prototyping features should be easier. * Repacking might be simpler, or not required at all * Scratchpad could be used as an offline version of the Add-on Builder. * Old school add-ons can more easily leverage features from the add-on sdk, which should help them port older add-ons.   +
Additional distribution points +The target users are users who have access to these distribution points, but not Google Play, or have some problem with downloading it directly from the Mozilla Servers.  +
Addon Console +All add-on authors will immediately benefit from this addition, as the the only existing logging mechanism is the Firefox error console.  +
AddonSDKCryptoAPI +Labs will need to create prototype Addons that handle generateKeypair(), sign() and verify() in order to support Identity in the browser. A addon author needs to allow users to easily sign or encrypt then verify or decrypt data that is submitted to a service or exchanged between users online.  +
AndroidPasswordStorage +`  +
Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab +`  +
App Vertical Tuts +This initiative targets developers first, and all others second. The landing page in question may contain information useful to business decision makers, press, and others, but this will not be a primary concern when formulating the content.  +
App Walkthrough +Create a go-to location for step-by-step instructions and resources that aid the user in every step of the app creation process, from an initial high-level introduction through publishing on the Mozilla Marketplace.  +
Ark +A developer has the following thought: "I really need a tool/library/module for doing _____." --> the developer should be able to fill in that blank (whatever it is) by visiting the Mozilla Ark.  +
Arrow Panel Redesign +All users that use panels.  +
Async Jetpack +People who care about performance. Makes the browser not lock up.  +
Attachment Browser +`  +
Auto hide scroll bars +`  +
Awesome Bar v2 +`  +
B2G App Security Model +Users may obtain apps from a number of different stores, including a Mozilla application store, vendor or carrier application store, or other 3rd party stores. Some of these apps may have special privileges (such as a phone dialer) that may require additional controls or extra authentication. Users should be able to discover, installed, run, update and uninstall application as they see fit. These applications should be able to run offline. Users should also be able to manage the security and privacy relevant settings for those applications, potentially at different phases of the apps lifecycle (at install, at runtime, independently).  +
Big File Providers +`  +
Browser translation +Target users: people who need to browse webpages in their non-native languages. User Research Process: - Interview 6 non-native English speakers in SF to understand their online browsing behaviors, potential needs for translation help. User Research Findings: - People who don't speak English neither visit any English websites, nor try to read anything in English. - Language block access. They still care about things happening in the rest of the world, such as news, travel, also shopping, education. However, searching these content in native language does not help find reliable/official information. - Non-native speakers still need extra help, online dict, translation add-on, etc. -I use many social networking websites like Google plus and Twitter. I do follow peoples who are not use English as their main language. When I get their updates my news feed, I need to translate it. The 'Selected Content Translation' feature will come to use here. A real-world user scenario: Parents are browsing the web, looking for information about traveling to Japan, such as local weather. Their goals are to get most genuine and reliable information from Japanese local content providers before going on a trip.  +
CC perf improvements +`  +
CSS3 3D Transforms +<strong>Users:</strong> Developers<br> Allows developers to create 2D elements that can be move and animated in 3D space. This could be used to create interesting 3D UI elements. Example of this in action: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqYHlRZoTak&feature=related Webkit Demo Example].  +
Chrome Style Editing +All add-on authors will immediately benefit from this enhancement, as well our own Firefox developers.  +
Click-to-play part II +`  +
CloudServices/Universal Account Page +`  +
Complete Send In Background +When a user hits send, we currently display a progress dialog whilst the send is in progress and the file is saved to the sent folder. With send in background we would save the email to the local outbox, remove the compose window from the display and send the email. This allows the user to continue working with email, whilst still sending the email. If there is an error whilst sending the email, then Thunderbird can decide what to do, whether to try again later, or notify the user, or a mixture of both. One area we have to be careful with is shutdown - if Thunderbird is in the process of sending an email, we shouldn't abort that - but allow it to be finished (whilst also informing the user). Additionally, if emails are waiting to be sent, we should potentially alert about those as well.  +